Available with either a 150g beef patty or a grilled chicken breast. Served with either a side of fries or a side of house salad.

The Student - R60

Lettuce, tomato & onion

Dairybelle - R65

With cheddar cheese

Lucky Boy - R69

Cheddar cheese & crispy bacon

The Poppie - R72

Cheddar cheese, pineapple & mushroom sauce

Funghi burger - R65

With a creamy mushroom sauce

Viagra burger - R72

Blue cheese and bacon

Metro burger - R72

Grilled onion, mushrooms & avo (seasonal)

Fearless burger - R65

With a creamy pepper sauce

Gourmet burger - R70

Lettuce, tomato, mustard mayo, camembert, sundried tomato & pesto

Big Ben burger - R72

Lettuce, tomato, bacon and avo

The Ruperts - R80

Cheddar cheese, onion, mushrooms, bacon and avo (seasonal)

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