The purpose of The SAB League of Extraordinary Barmen is to ensure barmen always pour SAB draught beer perfectly. The league is dedicated to building relationships between SAB, its customers and its consumers.

verdichequeThe criteria for participation is broken down into three clearly defined segments, each relevant to you as a Verdi guest.

The first criteria is judged by a mystery shopper and this is how well the glass is chilled, how the draught is poured and how the branding on the glass is presented.

The second critria is checked by the master brewer from SAB where important things like cleanliness of the draught apparatus and glasses is measured and appropriate stock levels maintained.

The final criteria is measured by the growth of SAB product in the venue.Craigmaryke

So if you're in the mood for the best draught in the Cape, pop in to Caffe Verdi and meet us.

Craig and Maryke both attended the first awards ceremony where they collected a handsome cheque for R20 000 and some interesting awards memorabilia.